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The project



Our client needed a work team that could work on a payment gateway, to incorporate more means and ways to cancel services, depending on the country where the user is located.

Navent is a real estate-oriented fintech that seeks to facilitate and simplify the process of buying or renting a property for its users; “ZonaProp”, Urbania” and “Aptitus” are part of this group. Tokko Broker and Vive Tokko Broker and Vive

The process

At the start of the project, two of its platforms would be involved: Zonaprop, and Bumeran. We start with a functional analysis and an analysis of the architecture currently developed, in order to evaluate what our challenges and possible problems would be in the development of the project. Once both tasks were completed, a work team was appointed to scale the project and improve the existing platform.
Get Ready
Get Ready
The ongoing project focused on the development of a portal that would connect a bank account with the corresponding payment processor; that could transmit transaction information virtually through web payment services and APIs. That will facilitate the forms of payment for the users of the platforms carried out by Navent.
Currently the payment gateway has the integrations made with Mercado Pago, Stripe and Worldpay. Users within Latin America, depending on the country they are in, can access the cancellation of the corresponding amounts in an easy and agile way; which guarantee transparency with any of the assigned means


Offer the client a hub of payment methods
Payments from anywhere in Latin America
Better brand experience and presence with its users
Reduce costs for the company
Democratize the choice of means of payment
Possibility of campaigns to communicate benefits to choose the most convenient means of payment.


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