Business intelligence for the pharmaceutical industry

The project



The main objective of the company was to organize information and optimize its processes. For this reason, they sought to improve the quality of information in all their areas as well as to centralize, which would directly positively affect work processes and times.

Leader in the pharmaceutical industry with more than 700 collaborators, it occupies the first position in sales in the category of products for skin care and therapy.
Pharmacy / Laboratory

The process

After knowing the needs of the company, it was proposed to work on three fundamental ideas to reach the objectives: Improve the set of data that was entered into the system, modulate the data management processes and unify the processes of each area.
Get Ready
Get Ready
Once the objectives and needs have been identified, we divide the work into three focuses: Quality, usability and modality, prioritizing the scalability of the project; that is, we designed software that was capable of adapting to the strong growth in demand. To achieve the objectives set in terms of strategy, creativity and production, we select a collaborative and autonomous team to achieve the client's needs.
The first result was the support of the business analysis through the creation of a data warehouse that allowed us to aggregate and combine information from different sources in a single centralized, normalized and scalable data warehouse.


Custom control panels
Agile and instant communication
Agility when making decisions
Time optimization
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