Mobile apps

Mobile applications are developments created to measure according to the specific needs of the client. They are designed to be executed on mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets.

At Streambe we care about making innovative products that transform any idea into apps capable of scaling and growing according to the needs of your company.

Why should my company have it?

More and more people carry out most of their activities from mobile applications. From direct purchases from the phone, searches for places to go, use of services and work activities.

For this reason, more and more companies seek to offer their customers a user experience by creating digital products that fit their purposes. And that, in addition, they have the technological capacity to scale as the business grows and offer new functionalities to their users.

Advantages of having it

Fast and profitable

The development of a mobile app is fast and profitable. Some of the main advantages that companies have when developing mobile applications are the facilities and benefits that can be given to their client or user.

No browser limitations

This type of development is not limited by a browser and can be used without an Internet connection. They load much faster than browsers or web pages and work more smoothly.

Reach more users

Mobile applications are hosted on two main platforms that are the most used: Apple App Store and Google Play. This takes a first step towards customer loyalty, since it allows you to show yourself and make yourself known in a simple and visible way.

Bring together the best of each

As well as services in general, applications and their functionalities can be grouped by age group or specific needs. For this reason, a hybrid application allows users or clients to use the app both on mobile phones and on websites, taking the best of each of the platforms. This type of development is known as hybrid applications.

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