Staff Augmentation

This service or methodology allows companies to add technological talent for specific projects without the need for it to be a direct part of an internal team. Our professionals comply with the requirements and guidelines, but supervised and guided by Streambe.

Why should my company have it?

Our staff stays current and is able to adapt as required by projects within any area. In addition, we take care of managing and directing our team as the project progresses.

At Streambe we care about guaranteeing our clients functional and easy-to-use products. It is for this reason that our team makes sure to work in a cohesive way together with the company to guarantee the objectives and the proposed result.

Advantages of having it

Diverse tech team

Many times it can be complex for a company to find trained personnel with experience in various areas, which is why this work system allows finding professionals with specific skills and including new members as the project requires.

Shorter times

At Streambe we work with a large and experienced Human Resources team, who are in charge of identifying professionals with the ideal and specific skills as required by the projects. This makes it easier for companies to go through the recruitment process, which can be complex and lengthy.

More productive team

Working under the Staff Augmentation methodology allows organizations and companies to save time on training and adaptability to work dynamics. At Streambe we train our team with the latest technologies and trends so that the developers and programmers who join the projects have the ability to adapt as required by the client.

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