In the pandemic, Internet sales have increased on a large scale. Purchases that were previously made in physical, completely migrated to digital. Companies that were not yet digitized also did so. Those who were not yet familiar with digital processes had to do so and businesses and companies began to think from a different perspective.

The need to have a marketplace has grown exponentially, driven by online sales and social networks, e-commerce and the new preferences and needs of buyers.

Why should my company have it?

We design fully customized marketplace models adapted to your needs.

Companies today require a website that is compatible with different mobile devices, to connect their buyers and customers. In many cases, and depending on the category, in addition to a commercial platform, it serves as a catalog of products or services. Which allows the client to have a wide offer and a prior knowledge connection with what the company offers.

Advantages of having it

Being seen is easier

A marketplace makes it easier to be seen on the web and the projection and scope of the products can be better positioned in the digital market.

Easy to use

The developments that we create in Streambe are totally adapted to the needs of our clients and based on the objectives that they set for themselves; but in addition, we strive so that each of our projects are intuitive and comfortable at the time of use.

The user already knows the product

One of the main advantages of Internet sales is that users can review and read about the products as many times as necessary before buying it. In addition, the possibility of having reviews written by the users themselves is a direct recommendation for the purchase of the product.

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