Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence combines various functions to reach key results for companies: business analysis, data mining or Big Data, data visualization, data infrastructure; giving our clients a comprehensive view of their company’s data and how to use it to make better decisions, drive companies towards innovation and quickly adapt to market trends.

Why should my company have it?

At Streambe we guarantee our clients Business Intelligence software for companies that combine digital solutions and guarantee a safe and reliable collection of information; giving companies added business value: cloud computing, big data and mobility.

Business Intelligence, or its name in English Business Intelligence for companies (BI), encompasses a set of tools and strategies that help businesses to innovate and work closer to their users, pointing to the information that the Internet has. This information allows companies to make better decisions based on concrete and accurate data.

As industries advance and technology grows, companies must adapt and offer faster, better and more efficient services; For this reason, some industries that have already adopted Business Intelligence for innovation within their field: health care, information technology, education, state companies and commerce and services.

These types of organizations use data to transform their operations, since with the rapid advance of the Internet it increasingly serves to improve the performance of companies.

Advantages of having it

Analyze according to the market

We offer our clients software that is capable of analyzing the external and internal information of a company or item, coming from different sources; thus giving it a broader result and panorama that allows a greater depth of analysis for decision making.


This type of software engineering project allows you to analyze the history of the data collected, with the ability to generate future projections, trends and long-term forecasts by analyzing customer behavior.

Eliminate inefficiencies

BI tools enable companies to quickly adapt to market driven changes that eliminate inefficiencies and improve the performance of products and services.

Case of success

The objective is to work on the different sources of information, to form a single data management channel.

Business Intelligence and Big Data projects cover various areas, our most recent project is related to the development, management of dashboards and databases; under Power BI technologies.

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