Custom software

Custom software developments are totally personalized projects adjusted to the needs of companies and their clients. It is common that small companies do not use the functions of standardized software and that large companies require more functions; that is why our team of developers is in charge of adjusting the projects according to the specific functions that are needed.

Custom software development projects usually deliver simple, efficient and smart software engineering solutions; that are functional and practical for those who use them and those who manage them.

Why should my company have it?

At Streambe we work with agile methodologies that offer clients a follow-up of their project, building it step by step.

Customized and tailor-made software developments cover very specific needs and props that customers require, in addition, it allows the project to have creative and different functions with which they can compete in the market.

Tailor-made projects offer clients a global solution adapted to their requirements, as well as designing and creating the project as it progresses.

Some of the main reasons that require custom projects are: Visualize complex calculated data, design engineering solutions using software interfaces, measure and analyze the performance of a production or collect personal data in forms for private or public companies.

Advantages of having it

Makes a different product

We make scalable and personalized custom products, with unique codes for each client. Through our methodologies our clients can personalize and shape their project as it progresses.

Compete in the innovation market

Custom digital projects also allow the image, functions and content to be fully adaptable according to the needs of the client and the user who will use the system software. Also allowing to create a differential value in terms of competition.

With custom digital projects, the limitations of uses or more functional requirements disappear, since it is a unique code created for each client and each project.

Custom functions

When our development team creates custom digital projects, they ensure that all actions and services work optimally according to the objective for which they were developed. We care that they are agile, fast, simple, intuitive and attractive to facilitate the management of those who use it.

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